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Businesses around the world use the .uk to establish themselves within the UK, offering acccess to millions of customers. Being one of the top ten extensions in the world, is a great way to start your online presence.

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Is .uk the right choice for me?

.uk is intended for use by commercial enterprises and businesses, though it is available to anyone in the world. There are no geographic restrictions and the domain is managed by Nominet.

Keeping your shiny new domain secure

At NeatlyWeb, we are dedicated to provide an excellent customer experience and industry-leading service. As standard, all domains come with a registrar lock (where available). In addition, we offer free URL and email forwarding as standard too (to set this up please raise a support ticket). Neat! Establish yourself online with a .uk extension from NeatlyWeb today.


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FAQs & Knowledgebase

We don't like to delve technicalities nor jargon if it's not necessary. We try to answer your questions as simply as we can wherever possible.

  • What is a domain name?

    Without a website, it is very difficult to do business around the world and so without a domain name (e.g. customers may find it difficult to find you online.

    The right domain name is the key to success for online presence and business. With NeatlyWeb, we make it very simple to let you know whether your desired domain is available. Just enter the domain in the box at the top and we'll take it from there.

    Not only do we offer great domains, we offer supreme hosting so that your shiny new domain name has somewhere to live on the web.

  • How do I search & register domain names?

    It's as easy as pie! Simply enter the domain you're looking in the box above and we'll let you know whether it's available for registration (i.e. somebody hasn't already registered it). You'll be able to register hundreds of domains from the normal .com and .net to the newer .auction and .soccer and others.

  • What if I need help?

    At NeatlyWeb, customer service and reliable service are our top priorities. We offer 24/7 ticket-based hosting, live chat and assistance over social media. For more information (or to get support), please click here.

  • Do I need a domain name to have a website?

    Simply put, yes. To have a website, branded with your company details, owned by yourself or your company, you will require a domain name. You will also require hosting, which can be found here.

  • What are top-level domains (TLD)?

    Top-level domain (TLD) refers to the last segment of a domain name, or the part that follows immediately after the "dot" symbol. For example, for the domain, the segment after the "dot", .com, is a TLD. We offer hundreds of TLDs for registration from the normal .com and .net to the newer .auction and .soccer and others.

  • Are domain names refundable?

    Unfortunately not, simply because once purchased or renewed they can't be "unpurchased" or "unrenewed". We recommend double checking the spelling before completing your purchase to avoid any disappointment. No registrar on the planet can refund you domains - it is standard industry practice.

  • I want to hide my details from WHOIS. How can I do this?

    Most domain TLDs offer a privacy option, however there are some restrictions on the TLDs. You can purchase WHOIS Privacy Protection for £5.99 per year. More information can be found here.

  • Can I update my registered address, domain details and nameservers easily?

    Of course! Our superb client area allows you to manage every aspect of your domain. Simply head over to "Domains" and change the details as desired.

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